Getting Ready To Sell Your Home

1. Chose your REALTOR®: The first step in home-selling is interviewing local REALTORS® who are familiar with your area. By interviewing several REALTORS®, you will be able to select the one who best fits your needs. You and your REALTOR® will be working together to sell your home at the highest price and in the shortest time.

2. Review local residential sales and current market conditions: Your REALTOR® will provide this information in a CMA( Current Market Analysis). You and your REALTOR® then will select the appropriate listing price for your home. Be sure your price is realistic. Over-pricing sells competing homes by making those properties appear to be better values. Your local REALTOR® will also present you with a marketing plan.

3. Get your home ready for showing!: Outside – check your home’s “curb appeal.” Trim the lawn and shrubs. Repair crack and bulges in walks and driveways. Polish the front door trim. Replace a worn doormat. Inside – clean the kitchen, including the inside of the dishwasher. Remove clutter from counters. Some buyers judge the maintenance of the entire house by the cleanliness of the kitchen and bathrooms. Repair dripping faucets, crooked drawers and sticking doors. Nothing brings a higher return on investment then a fresh coat of paint. Repair or replace worn appliances. Clean windows and storms inside and out. Clean the exterior of the water heater and the furnace. The ideal garage holds only cars – if your garage has become a two-car attic/basement, throw away the excess.

4. Everything is in place and your house is looking its best. Before potential buyers arrive, air the rooms, turn on lights, turn off the stereo, the TV and the radio. Put your pets outside. When the prospects arrive with their agent, greet them and excuse yourself. Leave the selling to the agent. DO NOT discuss price or financing with a prospective buyer. Refer them to your agent.

5. All the hard work of you and your REALTOR® finally pays off. You receive an offer for your home. It’s time to negotiate, sign a sales contract and wait for your buyers to secure and mortgage loan. The closing day arrives and you collect payment and turn over the keys. Throughout the process, your REALTOR® will be at hand to help put each piece into the puzzle until your have the complete picture: listed, sold, closed and moved.